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CADprofi Euro 2020-21 Footbal Promotion με έκπτωση έως 50%

On the occasion of the European Football Championship we have prepared a special promotion during which all CADprofi
and CP-Symbols products (including subscriptions, updates, crossupgrades etc.) will be available for cheaper
up to 50% (which means it can be lower depending on match score, 50% is maximum).

CADprofi is an international company with headquarters located in Poland and Germany, therefore in the
"Football promotion" the discount for CADprofi software depends on the result of the
last match of the Polish
or German team. For every goal scored by Polish or German teams we increase the discount by 10%,
while for each lost goal we increase the discount by 1%. We will publish the current discount amount on
our website
We will start our promotion on 14.06.2021.
Promotion discount will start depending on the Poland - Slovakia match score

If score is 4:1 (Poland:Slovakia) then we will have 41% discount on all CADprofi products.
(4 goals by Poland means 40% + 1 goal by Slovakia means 1% = 41%)
If score is 0:2 (Poland:Slovakia) then we will have 2% discount on all CADprofi products.
(0 goals by Poland means 0% + 2 goal by Slovakia means 2% = 2%)

This discount will be valid until next match (15.06.2021 Germany - France) and it will continue
for the next match and so on.
Each new match resets the previous discount and sets a new one.

Promotion ends three days after the last Poland or Germany match. We hope it will be the final match :-)
Promotion counts the result of the match without possible penalty shoot-out series.
Maximum discount amount is 50%.


ZWCADCivil software webinar

Εγγραφή ΕΔΩ


DEMO SESSION11:00-12:00 (GMT+3) June 17, 2021 The Demo will focus on introduction to ZWCAD Civil.Attendees will get a quick view to the software capabilities starting with its design environment and smooth interaction with the drawing environment, 1-2-3 to roads design, agile approach to design changes, reports and plots, and advanced capabilities.

Έρχεται το ZWCAD 2022

Highlights of ZWCAD 2022
More Efficient and Enhanced 2D Functions
  • Associative Array: Form and adjust rectangular, path, or polar arrays flexibly.
  • CAD Standards: Create .dws files and check & fix nonstandard styles accordingly.
  • Data Link: Link with external tables for bidirectional and synchronized data update.
  • Plot Transparency: Objects, layers, etc. with transparency effects can be plotted.
More 3D Features for both AEC and MFG
  • IFC Import: Import IFC files, view models, and manage entities with the IFC structure panel.
  • Flatshot: Create a 2D version of 3D objects conveniently, avoiding drawing conversion.

Κυκλοφόρησε η έκδοση Spatial Manager για το ZWCAD 2021 SP2

'Spatial Manager for ZWCAD' that have been included in the latest available version (
It is very important that you download and install this version as no previous version will work with ZWCAD 2021-SP2
On a very positive note, we can inform you that this ZWCAD 2021 Service Pack 2 solves an endemic ZWCAD problem that negatively affected the use of Spatial Manager Background Maps: It is no longer necessary to manually regenerate the drawing to obtain high zoom magnifications, which in previous versions resulted in a situation where, if the user was not aware of the need to manually regenerate, it could appear to limit the magnification and image quality improvement of most Background Maps
Import / export spatial or GIS data into / from ZWCAD 2021-SP2 (*), and experience the advanced tools to manage spatial data, such as dynamic background maps, quick drawing publishing in Google Earth, search for locations, data structures and data grid, queries, layer thematics, automatic labeling, terrains, contours, etc.
(*) And other ZWCAD versions
The release of ZWCAD 2021-SP2 has required us to implement some changes in

Κυκλοφόρησε η έκδοση ZWCAD STD/PRO 2021 SP2

We are glad to inform you that ZWCAD 2021 SP2 is available for you now. This version comes with some long-awaited new features and enhancements. Get a sneak peek:
® file (.xls/.xlsx/.csv).
Data Link: A table in the drawing can be connected with data from a sheet or a cell range of an Excel
  • Enhanced Array: The Path Array option is available, allowing users to evenly distribute the selected entities along a path.
  • CAD Standards: Standard drawing specifications can be created. Different drawings can be standardized with .dws files.
  • Limitless Zoom-in and Zoom-out: It’s feasible to zoom in or zoom out without a limit and regenerating.